Identify clothing logo

Update:04 Aug 2016

Identify clothing logo Apparel garments are generally a […]

Identify clothing logo
Apparel garments are generally adorned with a variety of logos. These logos are instructive to the consumer, such as trademarks on the collar and cuffs. It is convenient for consumers to confirm the brand. In the collar, the side seams will be inscribed with specifications and dimensions, so that consumers can choose the right clothing according to the size. In the most obvious place, a tag will be hung. It brings together all the information about clothing. A comprehensive introduction to the brand, composition, specifications, and qualification of the garment was made. But these are not the most important. This small logo hidden in the gap between clothes is the key point we want to introduce today. It plays the most important role for consumers to maintain their clothes.
The clothing logo is called the durability logo. It is mainly to guide consumers to make reference from the ingredients and content of raw materials, washing methods. Proper maintenance during the wearing process. From the durability mark, the content of the ingredients, we can identify the texture of the clothing, so that consumers understand the characteristics of the clothing. In addition, we can also see these seemingly more professional patterns on the label. In fact, it mainly tells us how to wash clothes and has a strong authority.
These various patterns are easy to see. But when you look closely together, in fact, the most common washing marks in life are mainly in several categories: washing marks, which are based on this groove pattern, and such signs indicate that clothes can be washed by washing machine. Can also be washed by hand. There are numbers in the trough type, which is the highest water temperature standard. If a hand appears in the groove, it means that the dress can only be gently rubbed by hand. Then if a fork appears in the groove, it means that the clothes are not washable. Like cotton, hemp fabrics are easy to shrink, chemical fiber, blended fabrics are easy to dry. Clothes with metal accents are easy to wash. But they are all washable.